It’s Your Turn To Collect Rent, With An Ecospace Holiday Home – 08 / 06

Have you ever gleefully exclaimed about the amount of rent you’ve collected during a hard fought game of Monopoly, and wished the money was real? Well now it can be with Ecospace. Our team of residential architects work on a wide range of projects, which include adding a rental option to your home, or adding extra accommodation to existing holiday parks and hotels. Light, airy and modern, yet using the latest eco-friendly materials and technology, our Ecospace buildings provide the next generation in holiday lodges. Subject to planning permission, they can even be built in areas of outstanding natural beauty, which will only add to your customers’ holiday experience. Our garden studios come in a variety of sizes, and we can also customise the layout/number of rooms in your holiday property. As eco-friendly property specialists, we pride ourselves in offering design options that will blend into the natural environment, and of course, minimise your carbon footprint. Low energy heating and lighting, use of longer lasting building materials, and high quality, multi layered insulation, are just some of the things we will do to help you become eco-friendly. We are committed to giving you the best holiday home design inside and out, which could mean providing a decking area for your customers to relax on, high-tech dining and bathing facilities, or mini kitchens for self catering builds. When we have left the site, all that will remain will be for you to add the finishing touches, ready for your first guests!