Lead By Example With Sustainable Classrooms – 16 / 11

These days, children are bombarded with messages about how we need to be more responsible concerning the way we treat the planet. Lessons in recycling and renewable energy are taught and many of today’s youngsters may become green engineers in the future. After all, the government has said it is keen to ensure the UK is a world leader in such technology. However, presenting information and theories is only half of the battle when it comes to making tomorrow’s generation more mindful of eco concerns. Setting a good example is also necessary, as this demonstrates that adults are putting their money where their mouths are. With this in mind, it may be an excellent idea to invest in sustainable classrooms. Here at Ecospace, we produce modular classrooms that can be used as areas in which to teach music, art, science or indeed any other discipline. In addition we can install your required eco classroom during any school holiday without disruption to the childrens’ education. Made from sustainable cedar, such sustainable classrooms have a range of features that reduce their carbon footprints. In addition, their warm, natural interiors and plant covered roofs make an interesting and enticing place for young students. Also, the glazed skylights, windows and doors create an enormous natural light in the rooms, which may help students to concentrate and creates a nice atmosphere in which to work. By constructing modular classrooms and similar rooms, including sustainable housing, it is possible not only to encourage children to be more aware of the impact of humans on the planet, but also to enhance the quality of their lives.