Lessons in Sustainability: an Eco Classroom – 02 / 08

Our ecospace buildings are a great idea for a wide range of applications: from garden studios to sustainable housing. However, one of the most effective has to be as an eco friendly classroom, as not only do you get a supremely functional building, but your pupils get a little lesson in sustainability too! But what makes makes our eco classrooms so eco? Well, fundamental to our green credentials is our commitment to using sustainable wood wherever possible – but what does this mean? Well, put simply it means that, rather than exploiting the environment for our raw materials, we only use wood that has come from sustainable sources, which are well managed to limit any negative environmental impact. Of course, our commitment to a green way of operating makes all our garden studios a little bit more special. However, it really becomes pertinent in the context of an eco classroom, where not only does it provide all the advantage of a modular classroom – such as ease of construction – but it will also pass on green values to the pupils – in a tangible way that they can really appreciate! Our green credentials would fall flat if we didn’t get the practical side of things just right, and that is why alongside our environmental values we also have strong aesthetic and functional values. This means that by opting for an eco classroom from Ecospace, you not only get a building that’s steeped in environmental awareness, but one that will perform day after day as well.