Making Garden Studios into Peaceful Sanctuaries – 18 / 03

Garden studios do not have to be workspaces. In fact, many of us would benefit more from a place dedicated to rest and relaxation than yet another room where work is ever-present. While modern modern garden offices are lovely calm places in which to work, some of our customers are looking for a sanctuary away from the hassles of the working world. Outdoor studios are wonderful places to relax. You are in your own garden – a place most of us find calming and generally pleasant – but without the need to worry about getting mud on your shoes or rain on your newspaper (not to mention yourself). They can be kept warm all year round regardless of the weather outside. Excellent insulation goes a long way towards reducing heating costs in garden studios and it helps keep sound to a minimum. Only the luckiest among us live far enough from a busy road not to hear traffic more or less constantly, but well insulated walls and high quality double glazing will cut down noise pollution. They will also help keep music from bothering the neighbours if you choose to play or make music inside. It’s your choice whether or not a phone line is connected. Some people prefer to keep their outdoor studios cut off from the house while others like being able to chat to friends and family in their sanctuary. We all have different ways of spending leisure time, and our leisure spaces reflect that. Yours could have a comfy sofa and a bookshelf or a TV and a games console. It’s completely up to you.