Making the Most of a Garden Space – 12 / 08

Gardens remain one of the most under-used spaces in the home, however they are uniquely suited for a wide range of applications – from storage to accommodation. However you choose to transform your garden, with garden buildings from Ecospace you can be sure of a space that is not only functional, but also environmentally aware. A Garden Gym Health and fitness is as pertinent as ever, and therefore gyms and gym equipment have grown in importance for modern households. The challenge, unfortunately, is that effective gyms require a fair amount of space – and even if it’s space you have, gyms can be particularly noisy affairs. With this in mind, building a garden gym is the perfect way to incorporate an exercising area into your home – and for this application our garden buildings are ideal, as they can not only be erected easily into a garden space but can also be built to your particular specifications. A Garden Office As the working population becomes ever more versatile, the importance of home offices has grown exponentially, but offices are not always easily incorporated into a living space. In this regard, garden offices are ideal, as not only do they essentially add another room onto your home but they are perfect places in which to get a little quiet time. At Ecospace, our buildings make the ideal “eco office” and are fitted with “green aware” electricity and heating, which makes them perfect for office use.