Modern, Eco friendly entertaining solutions – 01 / 12

When having guests over for dinner, drinks, or even throwing a party it can often follow the same formulaic pattern and leave your gathering falling a bit flat. Also, with jobs and hectic family life it can be difficult to fully relax in your home when it is constantly reminding you of this day to day reality. This is why choosing to design and build an eco cube is the perfect solution for entertainment purposes. By using your garden to create a warm, inviting area to host a social event makes entertaining so much easier. It allows you to forget the stresses of everyday life and focus on attending to the needs of your guests whilst being to enjoy yourself at the same time. Garden rooms not only provide this practicality but also create a unique focal and talking point for your guests to admire and be impressed by. Also, with so much emphasis on the effects of global warming in the media, another benefit of these structures is that they are built with the environment in mind. Having an eco cube reduced the energy costs that would usually be involved when entertaining guests dramatically. With greener features and systems incorporated into the design you can be sure that bespoke garden rooms will help you do your bit for the environment. For the larger garden, numerous rooms or structures can be interlinked to provide an even bigger area of interest, perfect for hosting events for larger numbers of people.