Modular Holiday Homes The Sustainable Housing Option – 23 / 05

Eco modular homes are an increasingly popular option for holiday accommodation in a range of rural, coastal and other settings – and it’s easy to see why. Modular holiday homes can be constructed very quickly, and are built with eco-friendly materials, including recycled ones wherever possible. Modular holiday lodges are also constructed with energy and water efficiency in mind. With a range of designs to suit a variety of tastes, this kind of sustainable housing has an elegant appearance. Structures are usually built off-site before being transferred to their location. Equally, modular holiday homes are extremely cost-effective, and require minimal maintenance to be kept in good condition. Whether you want to buy or let out environmentally friendly holiday accommodation, or just want an extension to your home, a modular construction is an attractive solution that’s well worth considering. This kind of housing can be used as a temporary or permanent solution, to help house a growing family or to give elderly parents their own space and privacy in safety. Or if you have some space land, building modular holiday lodges could provide you with additional income. At Ecospace Limited, our holiday retreats include kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. They can be built as standalones, or as part of a holiday complex, or as additional accommodation for a hotel. And their “green” credentials mean they can potentially be built in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Talk to us about your requirements, and the size of modular holiday home you want. Learn more from our website.