Moving your Indoor Office Outdoors – 10 / 12

At Ecospace, our garden buildings are not only geared to be ‘green’, but they also have serious functional credentials. This means that even if green concerns aren’t at the top of your list, there are still lots of reasons to incorporate our sustainable housing into your garden space and increase the spatial potential of your home. In the UK, more and more of us are having to fit into more and more confined living spaces. For example, in areas of London, a studio flat could set you back as much as a quarter of a million pounds. With this in mind, spatial management has never been more pertinent – but how exactly do you increase the potential of a living space? Well the answer is simple, and by incorporating a building into your garden, you can greatly enhance the spatial potential of your property. For example, perhaps you have taken the decision to work from home, but are struggling to find an adequate space for an office inside the home. Well have you ever considered garden office buildings? Not only will an office in your garden save the space in your home, but it will also have advantages in terms of practicality and privacy, and an outdoor building can be the perfect environment in which to replicate an office. You might worry that installing an infrastructure suitable for an office might be logistically untenable, however at Ecospace we try and make this as easy as possible, and our garden offices incorporate low energy lighting and heating, not only helping your environment, but also saving costs on your garden office further down the line.