Outdoor Music Rooms – 07 / 03

Many people are interested in external additions to their homes. For some, these are purely for relaxation. For others, they have a more practical purpose. For example, it’s great to encourage children to learn to play an instrument. Not only does it help kids to develop concentration, fine motor skills, and appreciation for great music, it also gives them a hobby that can stay with them for their whole life. Not many children’s pastimes last through puberty, but playing music is a source of delight for people of all ages. Unfortunately there is a downside to handing your child a violin or a saxophone. Beautiful music does not come easily and it takes time before any beginner will be able to carry a tune on their chosen instrument. Coupled with the fact that a single trombone can put out more than 80dB of sound, this means that the early years of a child’s musical education can be quite a trial for the rest of the household. Using garden studios as music rooms makes a lot of sense. Not only does it mean the practice room is free of distractions like television and computer games, it takes the noise out of the house and into the garden. outdoor rooms are pleasant, relaxing places to be and that will help foster the ideal mindset to learn to play an instrument. Like all eco architects we believe in insulation. Our garden studios are well equipped to keep warmth on the inside but good wall insulation and double glazing will also keep sound from escaping. Your kids will be able to thump their drums and blow their flutes to their hearts content without bothering mum and dad or upsetting the neighbours. Keywords: outdoor rooms, eco architects, garden studios