Planning permission for garden studios – 19 / 04

Most garden studios don’t require planning permission, and if the design you choose does, we have experienced staff at Ecospace who can apply for you so don’t worry too much. The guidelines on which garden studios do need planning permission and which do not depend on where you are, but as long as the following criteria are met, you probably won’t need to apply: The structure is single storey. Most but not all our garden studios are okay there. The total height must be less than 4m if the structure has a dual pitched roof, and the eave height must be less than 2.5m. For garden studios with any other kind of roof, total height limit falls to 3m. That is, unless the new building will be less than 2m from the boundary of the main house, in which case it can’t be more than 2.5m. Even then, 2.5m is a fairly generous allowance for a single storey garden studio. There cannot be any veranda or a balcony raised off the ground- usually not a problem for single storey structures. The total floor area may not take up any more than half the available land, not including what is already used by the main house. Additional regulations apply if you’re lucky enough to live in a National Park, designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or on a World Heritage site. However, remember that planning permission is a stage in the process, not necessarily an obstacle. We’re happy to apply on your behalf if you do need to get it – just let us know.