Pushed For Space? Here Is The Answer – 23 / 09

If you are facing something of an overcrowding problem in your house, but can’t manage to raise the money needed to pay for home extensions, then there is something you should consider. A lot of people who find themselves in the same situation as you – and there are a lot of us at the moment, thanks to the fall out from the credit crunch – put their plans for home extensions on hold or erase them from their minds totally and instead opt for garden rooms. garden rooms are the ideal solution for those who need a little extra space, whether it is for relaxing or for working in. As well as a fantastic choice of garden rooms and garden studios, you will also find modern garden offices which are ideal for those who work from home. One of the problems with working from home is making the distinction between the workplace and the rest of your house, especially if you are using your laptop on the dining room table! This can make it difficult to get into the right frame of mind to tackle work problems, but this is alleviated when you can step out of the house and straight into one of the garden offices you will find right here on the Ecospace website. The people at Ecospace are experts in all kinds of structures, from garden structure design right through to sustainable housing design, so whatever your needs are, get in touch and they will be happy to help.