Rapid Garden Offices Build To Order – 27 / 09

At Ecospace we do everything we can to give you a building that matches your specific requirements. This is a great way of designing your own building that is truly a child of your creation. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes with what our dedicated architects can create, whether that be a range of small garden offices, a fully functioning studio or a garden retreat that allows you to escape into a fantasy realm at the bottom of your garden. Our contemporary garden studios are built to be adaptable and the more unique you want them to be, the more our architects are enlivened to create the best solution for you. Depending on the size of your imagination and eventual building, you may not even require planning permission to build, which means as soon as you have chosen all of the components of your garden studio, it could be with you in as little as 5 days. For the larger eco garden studios you may require planning permission if it exceeds size limitations or you live in a region that has planning restrictions in force. But if this is the case, then there is no reason to worry, because we are a fully qualified team of architects who can gain planning permission for you. This also enables us to build everything in the correct way first time with the right materials to not only create a cost effective space but one that is also eco-friendly and sustainably constructed. Almost every aspect of the building has been sustainably acquired including the wood structure, cedar cladding, as well as the sedum roofing option. The insulation is naturally built into the structure and is a premium, high performance option which will keep your studio warm with the absolute minimum of heating required. When the building is delivered to you, it should not require any decorating on the inside or outside because we use completely natural materials and avoid wet trades where possible. The prices that we quote to you for your Ecospace building is exactly what you will pay. With extensions there is always the possibility that something will occur during construction which could prove to be a huge headache as well as exorbitantly expensive. This is all on top of the final structure not looking exactly as you imagined. With Ecospace, we have complete control over the structure and exactly how it will look. Our experience and abilities as an architectural agency ensures that your structure will not suffer any unforeseen problems. There is not even any requirement for foundations, so long as the site you are looking at is level and the building is under a certain size. Larger varieties may require some foundations, but the majority of our buildings will stand on adjustable steel shoes that bear on pre-cast concrete pads which rest on a compacted sub-base. We have literally considered everything to make getting your garden building as fast and as perfect as possible.