Security tips for garden studios – 21 / 04

Garden rooms often contain valuable office equipment and leisure electronics like televisions and games consoles. They are also often unattended at night and sometimes during the day, and situated away from living spaces. As such they’re seen as soft targets for thieves. Ecospace studios are constructed to the solidest standards, which certainly helps by making them physically more difficult to break into. Here are a few more tips you can use to make sure your garden room is safe and secure. A motion sensitive porch light just outside the door will deter night-time intruders. They are not expensive, and solar powered models are easily available. Lining the path between the back door and the garden room with low, spaced lamps also makes sure the path is safely lit of an evening. When you leave garden rooms, draw the curtains or close the blinds. Make sure desirable and easy to steal items are out of sight when nobody is around. If you work from a laptop, get into the habit of taking it into the house with you every night. It’s a simple precaution, but effective. The same goes for important paperwork like bank details. Consider an alarm. Many come with discreet but valuable stickers that can be placed on windows and doors to deter potential burglars. If you are using the garden room as an office, protect your data as well. Consider using an online backup service so it’s hosted off site in a very secure environment. That’s good practice for anyone working from home.