Small scale solar and wind power – 05 / 04

At Ecospace we like to explore renewable energy options for our garden studios and other buildings. There is no doubt that solar power is the greenest of green energy generation options. It creates absolutely no waste gases and is completely self-sustaining once installed. For sheer lack of running impact, solar beats all other power generation options hands down. Wind power runs a close second, although opinions on the visual amenity of all sizes of turbine varies from those that love the sight of tall white windmills on the hills to those that passionately hate them for ruining the skyline. Used to power garden studios in your own back yard, the noise a wind turbine makes is likely to be more of a concern. Again, opinions vary on how pleasant or disruptive the sound made by a small turbine is. The equipment and infrastructure needed to generate your own wind and solar power is far, far cheaper than it used to be and also more efficient. Solar in particular is now a power source within reach of the masses. Even in the UK where incident solar radiation levels are relatively low, it’s quite possible to get all the energy you need to run a whole household from moderately sized solar roof panels. Garden studios have modest requirements in comparison. Talk to us about the power requirements of your planned outdoor rooms and we’ll be happy to discuss green generation options with you. We have the experience and the motivation to make it happen in your garden.