Survey Shows Approvals for Pre-Designed Schools – 20 / 02

Pre-designed school buildings are twice as likely to be accepted by local authorities and schools themselves as they were just 18 months ago, according to new research which a leading UK building magazine published at the start of this year.

A survey for the magazine’s most recent Education White Paper has revealed that nearly half (46%) of education authorities and just over two fifths (41%) of schools would seriously consider the purchase of completely pre-designed school buildings.

These figures mark a significant departure from 2011, when similar research revealed that those numbers were 18% and 11% respectively.

The figures are revealed as the government continues to push standardised school design, as it aims to slash up to nearly a third (30%) from its school buildings bill.

Baseline design guidance was issues late last year and will be implemented as part of its £1.75bn Priority Schools Building Programme. This aims to encourage schools to adhere to a standard set of specifications, without the need for completely fresh designs for every new building in a school.

The survey, which quizzed nearly 250 education clients and building companies working in the education sector, also learned that a further 40% of schools and 27% of local authorities would consider pre-designed units for part of a school if not a whole school.

At the same time, nearly 80% of respondents said they were “very dissatisfied” or at least “dissatisfied” with how the government managed its school building schemes. Only one in five said they were “satisfied.”

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