Sustainable building materials – 15 / 04

Where it’s at all possible we use sustainably sourced building materials in all our garden studios. We like to use recycled materials where possible, and where not, renewable resources. The walls of our garden studios are clad in western red cedar from certified renewable plantations. As a building timber, cedar has the right properties and the right environmental credentials. In quality and durability it’s comparable to slow growing hardwoods – the oils that naturally infuse a piece of cedar protect it from attack by insects and the fungal decay that can result from exposure to damp are similar to those that protect high value woods like teak and mahogany. However, those are very slow growing and cedar is more readily suited to sustainable plantation production. The interiors are lined with pale birch that keeps the interior of the space light in outdoor rooms. Unlike plaster, it won’t crack over time and lasts very well. Even the floor pigments we use are held to strict environmental standards. Quality materials mean lower maintenance and longer life, so we are careful to balance environmental concerns with the need for outstanding build quality. Planted sedum roofing is optional on most Ecospace garden studios. It is both visually attractive and functional, providing excellent insulation. The specially toughened double glazing we use meets the highest standards for both insulation and toughness for security purposes. Most of the windows are openable with a smooth sliding system. When it comes to green architecture, we at Ecospace really do walk the talk. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our materials.