Sustainable Classrooms: A Step in the Right Direction – 31 / 01

There is still a lot that we don’t know about how children learn about the world, and all the time our strategies for teaching kids about the world are evolving. In more recent years, the importance of a child’s environment to their potential for learning has begun to be realised. On the one hand, this has led to the many of our schools being earmarked for re-developed, as well as being fitted with the infrastructure to satisfy the demands of modern education, such as IT systems and Wi-Fi etc. But does this really go far enough? Well how about completely reinventing the education environment, by incorporating outdoor classrooms and sustainable classrooms, and teaching our kids, through their very environment, the importance of environmental concerns. At Ecospace our garden rooms are ideal for use as classrooms, and not only will your children “learn by osmosis” about what sustainable buildings can actually achieve, but our eco cubes will also be able to meet their stringent practical standards. This is because our buildings are made to the highest functional standards from sustainable materials, and therefore our installations do not take from the planet’s resources, but instead we are adding something of real value to the environment. And what could be a better totem for this idea than an eco friendly classroom? Decked out with everything you’d expect from a classroom, but with a distinctly green heart and soul – a real step in the right direction!