Sustainable Housing as a School Solution – 15 / 11

Garden Offices have come a long way than the days of portacabins full of children in the school grounds while an extension or repair is going on within a school. These days, eco classrooms are a much better option. They’re a permanent structure rather than a temporary, ugly building, and they also help teach the kids about the importance of lowering carbon footprints and being more sustainable: the evidence will be all around them in the sustainable classroom they sit in. With the national curriculum now adding many eco-conscious lessons, you can lead by example with the school building itself. Schools are always budget conscious, and a modular classroom is much cheaper than having an extension built into the existing school building. Why not teach sports while outside in the sports field, with a small eco friendly classroom in the corner of the field? It could be used when the weather is too awful to work outside in, but they can still be “out on location” when learning about sport. The education could begin as soon as you consider buying an eco classroom – why not get the kids to contribute to the design of it, too? Lessons in sustainability, renewable materials, architecture and design can all be combined with your order of an eco classroom. Naturally, you’ll also benefit when it arrives and is built too. And of course, if you can see yourself making a bulk order, there are deals to be had too – so why not contact us for a quote?