Sustainable Housing Needn’t Cost the Earth – 29 / 04

Sustainable housing and sustainable building design are becoming increasingly popular in the worlds of architecture and construction. Every year, sustainable methods of construction are advancing, with builders looking for ways to reduce the economic, social and environmental impact of building new homes. But many homebuyers can be ill-informed about sustainable housing, and even reluctant to purchase sustainable homes. Modern sustainable houses should put all this bad feeling to rest. Many homebuyers have the misconception that sustainable homes are expensive to buy, expensive to run and lack the amenities that that modern houses have. This is not the case. Modern sustainable house design can benefit the homeowner by offering a beautiful home that is affordable and energy efficient. Natural and recyclable materials are the foundation of any sustainable home. When constructing sustainable housing, builders aim to sources all the building materials locally, reducing the environmental impact of transporting the goods. Where possible, recycled materials are used in the building of sustainable homes, and even timber for construction is sourced from sustainable forests. Sustainable buildings can grant homeowners significant savings in running costs. Advanced insulation and solar panels can reduce the cost of energy bills, as well as the tax rebate available to homeowners who take up certain energy efficient additions to their home. Eco architects are constantly looking for ways to make sustainable homes cheaper and more efficient to run, with advances in insulation and ventilation. Owning a sustainable home can benefit your life, your pocket and the planet.