Sustainable Housing – Safeguarding The Future – 13 / 09

Sustainable housing is something which is relatively new to the construction industry, but it seems that we are going to see a lot more of this form of building in the future. ‘Future’ is the key word here, because sustainable housing aims to build homes without the use of materials containing toxic and allergenic materials, which is good for us as individuals and for the planet. A synthetic dwelling – which is essentially what sustainable housing is – is therefore a safer and healthier environment for your family as it is less likely to cause allergic reactions than homes built using conventional methods and materials. Ideally, sustainable housing will have furniture made with non-toxic materials and organic fabrics. In the last three decades, asthma has more than doubled in most countries, which is largely due to the way that our homes are built and furnished. Research has shown that the result of this is that the air quality in our homes is in many cases as much as 100 times more toxic than the air outside, even if you live in an area which is polluted. This is why eco friendly houses are becoming more popular not only here in Britain but in other developed nations across the world. If you want more information on sustainable house designs and other aspects connected to this – for example an eco friendly classroom or eco garden studios – get in touch with the experts in this field at Ecospace and they will be happy to help you.