Sustainable Housing Solutions – 22 / 07

With the environment being high on the agenda these days, more and more people are looking for sustainable housing solutions to provide an exceptional home that cares for the environment. If you’ve got the luxury of being able to design your home from scratch then eco-friendly options should always be considered, and that includes everything from the materials used to build it to the type of energy that powers it, and if you choose wisely you can look forward to having a truly stunning home that will have a minimal impact on the world in which you live. Our sustainable housing solutions take these considerations seriously. We use sustainable and ethically-sourced materials wherever possible, including walls constructed from cedar wood, and can maximise energy efficiency in your home through the use of under floor heating, multi-layered walls and several energy-efficient power options including solar panels. We can even create living green roofs for the ultimate in sustainable building design, and with little or no maintenance required and fast build times (your home can be erected in as little as a few days) the whole process is built on sustainability and energy conservation. Our sustainable house designs can bring you the best of eco-friendly living in a stunning fashion, with bespoke homes that are designed around you and your unique requirements. You’ll be left with a home that’s truly special yet totally sustainable, so if you want to discover the best of our designs make sure to get in touch and you’ll have a home that meets all requirements.