The advantages of choosing an Ecospace workspace – 23 / 07

There are many reasons to choose one of our garden buildings as a space in which to work. If you work from home, our garden office buildings make more sense than an extension, as they allow you the flexibility of being fully separated from your main living area to concentrate on your work. It is also cheaper than a home extension, and can be completed in a much shorter space of time. Our outdoor rooms also come with a fixed price, meaning that there will be no nasty and unexpected ‘extra costs’ before the work is done. Ecospaces are built to standards equal to or surpassing those of many modern houses, with top quality double-glazing and an extremely high standard of insulation for the ultimate in security and comfort. We have a range of modern garden offices in our portfolio, including the WorkPod, which is a small workspace that has been ergonomically designed for one person, making it ideal for those in need of a detached, but affordable working environment throughout the year. If even that kind of choice doesn’t meet your needs, keep in mind that we can design and create a workspace to virtually any specification or size that you desire, just as long as it makes use of the Ecospace modular concept. Just contact us now if you are interested in finding out more about Ecospace buildings, you have a project idea that you can’t see on the website, or you’d like to receive more information.