The Advantages of Having Your Office in Your Garden – 25 / 09

Do you work at home running your own business? Do you ever feel like you don’t get the peace and quiet you need to make business phone calls or concentrate on that difficult task? Do you ever dream of escaping a noisy house to get your creative juices flowing? Then you’re in luck, garden offices may be just what you’re looking for. Having a separate space to do with whatever you like might seem like a pipe dream, but with Ecospace, this space is not only possible, it is affordable too. Imagine being able to leaving your home life behind for a few hours to walk a few metres across your garden into a work pod which can be worked in all year round, no matter what the weather is doing. No commute, no hassle, perfect!

Of course, you might need a slightly bigger workspace if you’re an artist for example, with loads of light flooding in. The great thing about these Ecospace pods is that they are designed around you, so you can really have any size, shape and design you want. Made from natural and sustainable materials, which are natural insulators, your garden office buildings are warm and cosy whatever the weather. With low cost Scandinavian under floor heating, natural light and excellent insulation, the running costs of our garden rooms are extremely low.

If you’ve got a big enough garden and want to make your garden space multi-functional, you can incorporate a living area and even a sleeping area on a mezzanine level which is perfect for those overnight guests when there isn’t room in the house. You could even take it to the next level and use the outdoor rooms as a holiday let if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere popular with tourists. As the pods are made from sustainable wood and sourced from renewable and certified sources, the buildings blend in nicely with local flora and fauna allowing guests to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Ecospace garden rooms have so many uses and especially when being used as an office space, you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint for the eco-friendly among you. With no driving to and from the office, you’ll not only be helping to save the environment, but you’ll be saving lots of money too (as well as the stress of a daily commute). Renting office space can be costly so why not invest in a sleek, smart garden office where you will be happy to entertain clients yet only 30 seconds from your back door. Our pods are virtually maintenance free and require no additional treatments or decoration, inside or out (unless you want to of course!). We can even incorporate additional energy saving measures such as solar panels, wind turbines, biomass boilers and log burning stoves so your bills and carbon footprint are kept to an absolute minimum.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to Ecospace outdoor rooms – the only limit is your imagination.