The advantages of modular construction – 09 / 04

At Ecospace, we do most of the construction work off-site and away from your home and land. After helping you decide exactly what you want from your garden studios based on considerations of space, intended usage, budget and a range of other variables, we can find out whether you need planning permission. If you do, we can apply for it on your behalf – just let us know. Then you’re ready to go. There are a number of reasons we choose a modular construction method where most parts of the garden buildings will arrive already put together. The first is simply your convenience. Having builders tramping through your private space for weeks on end isn’t much fun. We try to reduce our footprint in your garden as well as in the wider environment. It also means less building materials finding their way into your vegetable patch, for example. Less insulation floating around in your air and less dust. That means less unattractive mess and construction debris, some of which could raise safety concerns. And your outdoor rooms go up fast. The average installation time for Ecospace garden rooms is just 5 days. How quickly the whole process can be completed will depend on whether or not you need planning permission, though. There are also quality control reasons for doing most of the construction work at our own site. We can ensure that all panels and parts are up to standard. Having our own construction space also makes it easy for us to recycle materials and salvage any leftovers and offcuts. It’s in keeping with the Ecospace philosophy to use building materials as efficiently as possible.