The Benefits of Garden Rooms – 22 / 04

Garden rooms are a great way of having some additional living space in your home. They are a fraction of the cost of traditional home extensions, yet can provide a much more functional, relaxing and usable space in the home. Once you’ve had a garden room installed, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. There are many benefits to adding these beautiful spaces to your home. • Having an extension fitted to your house can create a lot of upheaval. It will require some of your walls to me knocked down, leaving part of your house out of bounds, possibly for many days. Garden rooms require no such upheaval. They can be installed in a fraction of the time an extension takes, and can be ready to use as soon as it’s finished. • Garden rooms can easily be used for a variety of functions, from a garden office to a garden gym. They can be painted or wallpapered like any other room of the house, and can even be connected to the electricity, telephone and Internet lines. If ever you need to change its function, it will require only minor modifications. • When you have an extension installed, you are often limited as to where it can go, and it can damage the architectural balance of your home. Outdoor rooms can be installed anywhere you would like them, giving you the freedom to have an additional living space in the most peaceful and relaxing part of the home. Even the smallest of outdoor spaces can accommodate them.