The Benefits of Investing in a Contemporary Garden Studio – 01 / 02

Anyone who works from home will know just how hard it can sometimes be to concentrate with so many distractions around. Certainly, anything from boisterous small children to over enthusiastic cold-callers can all make it difficult to stay focused on the job in hand.

However, if you are fortunate to have a garden then investing in a garden studio could well be the perfect solution.

Garden studios can be ideal in such situations, especially for home-workers who take their environmental responsibilities seriously as they as they can incorporate a number of environmentally friendly features. Indeed, eco-friendly contemporary garden studios are built with the most ‘green’ materials possible therefore they can be integrated into a garden space without having a detrimental effect on the look and feel of the natural space. Furthermore, the roof of an eco-friendly studio can be plant covered to help create an even more natural look.

The interior features of garden studios can also be of benefit to the environment as they use minimal energy for lighting and heating, and insulation is used to its full effect to help stop energy loss and wastage.

Here at Ecospace, we offer visually appealing and environmentally friendly contemporary garden studios which can be tailored to suit the exact needs of your work and domestic needs. Our wonderful creations can include everything from solar panels to water collection systems and so can provide you with a place to work which is as eco-friendly as it is tranquil.