The design flexibility of our Ecospace buildings – 19 / 07

Here at Ecospace, we are renowned for our design flexibility. A look at our portfolio reveals examples of the wide range of projects that we undertake, from garden studios and leisure, educational and residential buildings to pavilions and furniture, the latter lovingly crafted in our workshop to ensure complete integration with an Ecospace building. Alternatively, you can plan a more standard Ecospace building with our configurator, giving you a taste of the potentially endless possible combinations. However, our contemporary architects can plan anything that you want that makes use of our Ecospace flexible modular concept, whether it is one of our garden shelters, a classroom or even a full house. The way we do this is that we look at various design configurations that could be used to create your perfect environment, before we consider the proposal’s more detailed design. We will work closely with you as a client, lending to your bespoke project the level of collaboration that it requires and deserves. You’ll have the advantage of our qualified designers and chartered architects giving you professional design advice to ensure that your requirements lead to a well thought-out proposal. Our contemporary architects are passionate about the creation of all manner of new and innovative projects. Just get in touch with us now to find out more about the flexible Ecospace design ethos, as well as if there is any potential project that you are interested in that is not featured on the website, or if you’d just like some more information.