The environment should be considered when building garden studios – 19 / 05

The impact of our actions and activities on the environment can no longer be ignored. The environmental aspect is so integrated into our lives that nothing can be done without considering it, everything from the way we travel to the food we eat and products we use on our bodies and in our homes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise therefore that considerations for the environment are also given great weight in the field of architecture. And for good reason too – materials used in building are going to be around for a long time, so shouldn’t be full of toxic chemicals. Additionally, during the building process if materials are toxic there is every chance that chemicals will leech out and contaminate the earth and any water sources near to the building site. But being environmentally aware extends beyond the materials being used. It is also about being sensitive when building, and taking consideration for wildlife, birds, flora and fauna. Ecospace are sustainable and environmentally friendly architects and craftsmen, and working in partnership with them means that all environmental sensitivities and considerations will be taken into account. Why are Ecospace such an environmentally sound choice? For several reasons. Ecospace use sustainable wood for building structures and cladding, as well as for the roof of structures. Ecospace also ensure that environmentally-friendly low energy lighting and heating are used – this protects the environment and can help reduce the heating bills in your garden studios. Ecospace defend the environment without sacrificing style, comfort or solidity.