The environmental credentials of Ecospace architecture – 27 / 07

None of our architecture, whether in the form of our garden offices or the various other Ecospaces in our portfolio, is merely designed to be practical, affordable and aesthetically appealing. Environmental concerns run through the spine of our company, and have been a ground-up element of modular Ecospace designs since the rolling out of the first prototype in 2002. Our garden buildings are made primarily out of sustainable wood from renewable, certified sources. Efficiency, quality control and waste elimination through recycling are all improved as a result of our off-site production. Moreover, we aim for maximum energy efficiency with our buildings, such as through top quality insulation in the form of thick multi-layered walls, floors and roofs. Sedum roofs are an insulation option on our buildings, while keeping you warm through the coldest parts of the year is our energy efficient under-floor heating. Adopting an Ecospace building at home as your office shortens your work commute to a mere trip to the bottom of your garden, drastically reducing your carbon footprint. Nor is any treatment, maintenance or re-decoration required for any of the external or internal walls of our outdoor rooms. Options for renewable energy that we can integrate include photovoltaic solar panels, biomass boilers, wind turbines and log burning stoves. To find out more about the environmental credentials of buildings from Ecospace, as well as to discuss any potential project that is not already featured on the website, or to simply find out more information, just contact our eco architects today.