The Future of Eco-living – 06 / 10

The future of eco-living is going to affect you in some way. The question is simply how. Eco-living for you could mean more conscientious recycling in your own home, or perhaps a complete overhaul of how your building is powered. Indeed sustainable housing design is spreading at a wonderful rate to even include eco-friendly adaptations of built traditional houses. A main issue most perceives incorrectly about sustainable housing and eco-living is that it’s expensive. Sustainable housing legislation has been established largely on practicality, economy and long term environmental resonance. Future sustainable house design will be economically-friendly in terms of your budget as well as the environment. Energy We’re all familiar with solar power, wind turbines, and bio-fuel, but their widespread use in private abodes is still rather limited. Imagine how unlikely the steady use of electricity to power an entire home must have seemed in Edison’s day. Renewable energy sources may seem a little like that nowadays, but future homes and commercial sites will depend much more wholly on renewable resources. Bio-fuel, for example, may seem a little cumbersome right now, but wait until your seriously reduced electricity bill arrives. Bio-fuel fireplaces for instance are a great economical alternative to coal/wood burners, electric or gas fires. Reducing Waste Reducing waste and our carbon footprint is a salient factor in much we already do. Future eco-living will involve reducing the energy consumption of buildings to sit as closely to zero as possible. Indeed the very construction of a building will itself be subjected to strict low-energy production techniques.