The Future of Housing Will Be Eco-friendly, Affordable and Customised – 01 / 10

Being architects, we love hypothetic building questions – what will homes be like in the future? If we colonise Mars, what will family homes look like? How can we make city buildings more eco-friendly? There’s a pretty much infinite series of these kinds of questions constantly travelling around our sustainable housing design studio! But, in all seriousness, what WILL the future of housing be? As heating costs rise again (The Independent’s Simon Reed reported in late October that it’s becoming more common for UK households to face the choice of heating their home or eating in the wake of massive fuel price increases in the run-up to winter) we’ve been looking into ways we could all be living in the not too distant future. And these measures aren’t inaccessible to us now – solar panels, growing our own vegetables, ground source heating – they’re all out there now, and we’re happy (and a little bit smug!) to say our Ecospace home extensions and garden buildings use many of them. Heating Insulation is a huge issue here in the UK. It’s estimated poor insulation can add around £150 onto the average annual heating bill. Thin loft insulation, poorly sealed doors and windows, wall cavities, unsealed floorboards – a lot of heat could be escaping from your home. We’re all about sustainable building design, and to us that means making sure the basics are in perfect order. Our buildings are all designed with high insulation values that require virtually no maintenance. Energy In mid-October, we read a splendid article about a New Forest couple who are quite literally living the good life! Pensioners Dan and Jane Fish put in the effort to make their home as green as possible, ultimately reducing their energy bill to roughly £3 per month. And we think they’ve hit the nail on the head in terms of a practical, accessible way to live sustainably in the future. Like us, they’re big fans of solar panels and ground source heating. It’s great to see people taking the steps today to make their lives a little greener, as it’s just that kind of mentality that really drives our studio too. Design Our new Configurator is all about showing you just how simple and effective we can make the process of designing and building an eco-friendly extension or separate structure on your property. We know everyone has different needs, and in the future, companies like us will meet those needs in much the way we are now – unique, perfectly suited, environmentally friendly spaces. We’ve had some brilliant press recently covering our work in Europe and the great new products we’ve added to our range, including the Autospace garage. Something we’re always proud of is our list of environmental credentials. They give us a unique insight into how we’ll all have to adapt in the future in terms of low carbon living and a certain level of self-sufficiency. Frankly, we can’t wait for the future to arrive!