The Most Nurturing Environment – 20 / 10

Getting outdoors is great for all of us – from toddlers through to seniors – so when designing educational garden buildings we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our eco friendly classrooms are inviting, safe and inspirational education spaces for children. As far as the statistics go, it’s us – the adults – who really need to be careful outdoors. Around half of all outdoor leisure space accidents involve adults over twenty-five. Most of these accidents seem to involve tripping over our own troublesome feet or some other circumstance that relies heavily on a level of physical agility lost to us long ago, but still incredibly prevalent in children. Introducing children to nature’s wonders, dangers and all-round awesomeness is something that should be done early. That’s why our garden buildings (including eco-friendly classrooms) are built with usability, sustainability and symbiosis with their environment in mind. Whether you choose modular classrooms or a bespoke structure, the cedar finish and planted roof make a fantastically inviting learning environment for all ages. A key feature beloved by our education clients (by that we mean teachers, pupils and parents) is the windows – full height sliding window-doors and skylights invite tones of natural light into the eco-friendly classroom, making it a motivational learning space for everyone.