The pros and cons of working from home – 11 / 05

For the thousands of commuters who have to endure public transport or traffic every day to get to work, the notion of working from home seems heavenly. Many people imagine working from home to be a cosy and comfortable existence; having a lie-in, working in your pyjamas, and generally taking things easy. The truth is very different, as anyone who works from home will tell you. Those who work from home struggle with different issues, and one of these includes managing the expectations of other family members. It may be that your children or partner see you at home and find it hard to imagine that you are working, and ask for help or want to play – meaning that little work gets done, or feelings get hurt when the response is ‘I’m working’. Other problems include not having the space to work or the right environment in which concentration is possible. At the end of the day, if the person who is attempting to work from home is unable to do so, then it is a serious problem – who else is going to earn the income for the family to survive on? An easy and relatively inexpensive solution to the problem of working from home is to build garden studios. The isolated space will be respected as being a place of work by everyone – including the person working there themselves. The relative distance of the garden buildings as offices from the house will give the person working a divide between work and home, and garden studios will also make them less available to other family members. Garden studios are ideal for anyone who needs a quiet and secluded space to work, study or relax in.