The Rise in Popularity of Sustainable Buildings – 08 / 08

With the rising cost of living including fuel, heat and water, it is little wonder that people are turning to a more economical and eco-friendly way of living. With the growing popularity of renewable energy sources such as solar panels becoming more readily available to the masses, it is easier than ever to use less power and heat and reduce carbon footprints at the same time. More than ever before are people aware of the importance of insulating houses to keep homes warm and cosy, without excess heat escaping in a bid to keep bills to a minimum. Modern houses now are built with insulation and power saving in mind. This sustainable housing, using renewable materials from certified sources, is much better value for money.

These sustainable buildings aren’t limited to homes either, they are so versatile they can be placed anywhere and used for just about anything. From sustainable classrooms to holiday lodges to play rooms for the kids, the possibilities are endless. Schools are embracing these new eco buildings for a number of reasons.

As schools are becoming more crowded with the influx of people to the UK, it is necessary for schools to get a bit creative with their space. Instead of using cold and draughty mobile classrooms which we’ve all had to suffer at some time or another, many are opting for light and airy Ecospace buildings which are perfect for children to learn in all year round. The classroom’s cedar exterior and plant covered roofs give an excellent learning environment for any subject. The light flooding in from the sky lights and the natural insulation of the wood, the rooms are comfortable and somewhere the children actually want to be.
Of course, it is an extra classroom to solve an over-crowding problem within the school, but the building is a lesson in itself. It allows teachers to give the children an understanding about taking care of the environment and how they can contribute to saving the planet and money at the same time. Learning about the sustainable materials used and where and how to source them will give children a much greater respect for their classroom and the environment they live in. It will also hopefully teach them to make more eco-friendly choices as they get older.

Outdoor classrooms can be used for any subject, from those noisy music lessons to biology where they are right on nature’s doorstep. Classrooms come in all shapes and sizes and they can be designed around the school’s own needs and budget. So much more affordable than an ordinary building extension, the Ecospace buildings are extremely cheap to maintain and run once they have been built.

With so many advantages for Ecospace buildings, any school will benefit from the extra space and with proven results that pupils progress 26% times faster at reading and 20% times faster at maths in classrooms with more natural daylight, then there really is no reason why schools shouldn’t invest in these outdoor classrooms.