The Value of Creativity – 18 / 08

As experienced architects, at Ecospace we feel that we have unique creative credentials, which means that we are able to offer eco garden studios that have a real design depth to them. This makes them not only great to look at, but the perfect spaces for a range of applications; delivering great functionality alongside fantastic design. The creative element inherent to our garden studios makes them the perfect spaces for creative uses, as they not only deliver in terms of functionality, but can also be considered great inspirational spaces, which are perfect for a variety of applications. For example, as they are “modular” and can be built distant from your home, they make the ideal spaces for recording studios, which will not “noise pollute” the rest of your living area. Of course, they can also be easily soundproofed and can built to accommodate mixing desks and other such requirements. Alternatively, you might want a space that lends itself to more muted activities – whether its painting or writing. In this sort of context, our garden offices are ideal, and with their elegant interiors can be a real inspiration and a space that you’ll have trouble tearing yourself away from! So, whatever the application, we hope at Ecospace that not only are our garden buildings built to the highest standards of design, but they are also ideal places in which to grow your own creativity – in an environment that works for you!