The Value of Natural Light – 28 / 03

Imagine two desks. One is next to a large, bright window and the other is in a windowless room. Which would you prefer to work at? Pretty much anyone who answers this question chooses the desk by the window. The reason is not a nice view or even the possibility of fresh air. It is all about natural light. The light given off by the sun is a very specific mix of colours. A physicist would say that it has its own distinct spectrum. Painters and filmmakers know just how hard it is to replicate natural light indoors – the reason Hollywood is the centre of the American film industry is to do with the sunshine more than anything else. Our eyes work best in natural light and regular doses of sunlight are essential for good health. The body cannot process vitamin D without it so there is a very good reason we all like a little natural light when we work. Contemporary architects know the value of sunlight too. Natural light is not just a better quality of light; it is also completely free and 100% eco friendly. All sustainable house designs should make the best of any available sunlight both to save energy and to increase the amenity of the space. The same is true of garden offices. There is often excellent scope to make use of natural light when building garden rooms of all kinds and at Ecospace we always try to use it as fully as possible. The resulting offices are more pleasant to be in especially if you’ll be reading or working at a computer, and lighting them takes less energy.