Tips for an Eco Friendly Classroom – 01 / 03

As a school, there are various issues on which you can lead, including environmental concerns. If your students learn in sustainable classrooms, it sends a proactive and positive message about protecting the earth’s resources. Of course, there are lots of things you can do to create an eco friendly classroom, from having can and paper recycling boxes consistently available (and making sure they are used) to getting children to drink from reusable rather than throw-away plastic bottles. You can also put the recycling symbol on your classroom walls. Each class could also have recycling monitor, and think about reducing the amount of paper you use, without compromising on what you need to achieve. You can decorate the classroom with plants and flowers; encourage children to grow seeds, and to pick up rubbish from the school grounds. With luck they may even take some of their “green” habits home. And, of course, the building in which the children learn is also crucial. At Ecospace Studios, we specialise in producing a range of garden buildings and sustainable classrooms. Children love the warm, natural interiors of our cedar classrooms, which have plant-covered roofs, double-glazed skylights and full height sliding windows. Research has shown that children learn more quickly in natural daylight. What’s more, we won’t disrupt you school life – we can build a permanent eco friendly classroom in a matter of days, during school holidays for example. Learn more about what we could do for your school online.