Top tips to increase your living space at home – 07 / 05

Families grow and with statistics showing that children are living at home for longer than ever before, space in the average family home is more precious than ever. Many family arguments and disputes stem from the simple fact that no one has enough space. Whether it is needing a room to work or study in peace, not having space to store clothes, having to share a room with a sibling for longer than is comfortable or having to rush in the bathroom every morning – all of these are cause for stress in the average household. Here are some tips to avoid the rows and increase the calm at home: 1. Build home extensions 2. Extend through your loft 3. Extend through into your basement 4. Build a conservatory All of the above are time-honoured space-increasing solutions, and each of them will add value to your home. They will also achieve the desired result of increasing your living space. The only drawback to each of the above solutions is that they are costly, disruptive and potentially extremely stressful. Luckily, the popularity of garden rooms mean that you can have the increased space that your family needs without having to endure all of the horrible repercussions. The simplicity of garden rooms means that they are often cheaper to install and certainly far quicker. Who wouldn’t be relieved at the thought of not having to live with builders for weeks on end! Additionally, garden rooms often don’t require the application of planning permission. Garden rooms might just be the solution you are looking for – act now, and in a week you could be enjoying some space and calm.