Truly Green Holidays – 06 / 08

One of the frustrations of modern living is that it is becoming more and more difficult to lead a life that can be truly considered green. However, as environmental issues become more and more pertinent, the ways to limit your carbon footprint and lead a greener life are becoming more and more creative – which means that there really is hope for a brighter future! One of the most effective ways to limit our effect on the environment is to adapt our holiday habits to be a little more conscientious towards the environment; done simply by making some choices that can have a tangible effect on the environment. Perhaps the biggest choice you can make for the environment is to cut down on airplane flights, as aircraft are the most Co2 polluting form of transport out there by a long stretch. Therefore, cutting down on flights, although a relatively simple step, can be one of the greenest things that you can do! At Ecospace garden buildings and sustainable housing, we understand the importance of holidaying a greener way, and that is why our buildings are ideal as modular holiday homes – not only because you’ll be saving on flights, but also because environmental credentials are inherent to their construction. For example, not only can we build your modular holiday homes wherever you want, but we also will build it using a real environmental know-how, utilising sustainable wood etc. With this in mind, why not take a truly green holiday today with Ecospace!