Underfloor heating for garden studios – 29 / 04

Because garden studios are small, isolated spaces, they tend to be fairly easy to heat. However, heat loss due to the limited possibilities for insulation is a significant concern. Lower heating efficiency means more bills and a greater environmental impact than necessary. We’re all about building green garden studios that keep impacts low and efficiency high, so that’s not good enough for our designs. We at Ecospace like to build Scandinavian style underfloor heating into the fabric of our spaces. Underfloor heating is far more efficient and results in less heat loss. A standard oil filled radiator, for example, heats the air directly around it. Almost half that area is wall and floor that doesn’t actually need to be heated. In a studio space, that would mean a warm wall losing heat to the garden- not at all ideal. Even if the wall is very well insulated to prevent heat loss – we do this on all our walls – a radiator heats the immediate area around it. To achieve a reasonable ambient temperature overall, the air around the radiator will get quite hot. That warm air will rise and some degree of mixing with the cooler air in the rest of the garden studios will occur, but there may still be cold spaces. A far more efficient solution is to warm the floor evenly from below. Underfloor heating means a gentle distribution of warmth throughout the space. The heating coils can be arranged so that they miss appliances and permanent furniture installations, so the heat only goes where it’s useful. There are other options we’re happy to discuss as well, but underfloor heating has some of the best green credentials.