Using An Outdoor Studio As a Garden Gym – 24 / 05

Trying to get fit this spring or summer? If you are, you probably know the frustrations of having to go to the gym every morning. Not only does it bite into your time, but it can be expensive paying both for gym fees and for petrol to drive there, or bus or train fare. Instead, why not consider making your own garden gym using one of our eco friendly outdoor studios? Imagine waking up one morning to a heavy rain storm and thinking, “I don’t feel like going to the gym,” but then suddenly remembering your gym is only about ten feet away from your house. You’ll probably be a lot more motivated to actually go than you would if you had to get in the car and drive a mile or two. The convenience of having a gym in your own back garden is one to be envied by all. With exercise machines at your disposal any time of day you like, and so close to home, you’ll be fit in no time, and you’ll hear all your friends asking you, “so, what’s your secret?” Choose one of our many eco friendly designs to install in your garden, and then all you have to do is decide what equipment you want to keep inside. Tailor-make your gym to your specific needs and you’ll never have to use a gym membership again. For more ideas, and to find an outbuilding to your taste, browse our portfolio of garden rooms and outdoor studios.