Versatile Eco-Spaces: Top Uses for Garden Buildings – 22 / 10

We absolutely love designing eco-friendly garden buildings that sit perfectly within their environment, nurturing and encouraging their occupiers. If you’re not sure whether a garden room is for you, just take a peek at the top uses for our bespoke and modular garden rooms. 1. Garden Office/Studio – Whether you’re self-employed, freelance or simply looking for quiet nook in which to get a little extra work done, a tailored garden office could be just the thing to maximise your productivity and ensure an efficient, inviting work space. 2. Playroom – Perhaps you want to instill a sense of boundary limits into the kids, or maybe space inside the main house is limited. Whatever your reason, a thoughtfully sited garden room could provide you and your kids with the fun and stability you all need. 3. Classroom – Never again will the only outdoor classroom option be those hideous blue and white painted mobile classrooms. 4. Respite/Gym – Rest, relaxation, intense physical exercise – making time for leisure is essential to a healthy mind and body. Setting aside a garden room for your particular needs is a great way to ensure effective downtime. 5. Accommodation – Guests, lodgers, teenage kids, older family members in need of assistance but eager to retain some independence – we can design and build a residential space for them all. Remember, the possibilities are limitless – the best thing to do is to have a chat with our eco architects regarding your particular needs.