What are Modular Buildings – 31 / 03

Modular buildings and homes are prefabricated structures made up of various modules or sections, which are built away from where they will be placed, and then taken to the site where they will be used. Here they can be assembled into a single building. There are various advantages to modular buildings, including their cost-effectiveness compared to the price of conventional construction, and weather is not a factor in the building timeline. Building materials don’t have to be delivered to the site, and so there is less chance of delay and theft of materials from the site. And, of course, there is no compromise on quality. And because building and site work can take place at the same time, the length of the overall schedule can be slashed by up to 50%. There is also low waste, remote locations can be served, and indoor construction also minimises the risk of damaging material building. Finally, large-scale manufacturers can bargain with suppliers for discounts on materials. So it’s not surprising that modular holiday homes and the like are gaining increasing acceptance across the UK, especially outside larger cities. At Ecospace, we offer a wide range of modular buildings including garden studios and modular holiday lodges. We also cover residential and school buildings and take a very sustainable approach from start to finish. Whatever you need, we can design it for you. So take a look at our extensive portfolio online, and get in touch even if you can’t find what exactly what you need.