What Does Eco Living Mean To You? – 15 / 06

When you think of ‘eco-living’ what springs to mind? Do you envisage growing your own fruit and veg, using a compost loo, or recycling every last inch of kitchen waste? Perhaps you’ll be stocking up on some low energy light bulbs, and fitting solar panels. Whichever way you choose to be at one with the environment, if your projects involve construction, we hope you will consider our work as eco architects. We founded the company to help clients face space, environmental, and economic issues, producing buildings that are durable, low maintenance, and require little decoration. This, with our fixed cost price plans, and short delivery time, add to the Ecospace appeal. Sustainable Housing to us means using the latest technology and equipment, to prolong the life of the building, and reduce your carbon footprint. This means adding Structurally Insulated Panel Systems to increase thermal performance, and using items like bio mass stoves and air sourced heat pumps. Our home extensions will therefore come in much cheaper than the price of a normal extension, but that’s not the only type of building we can provide. Our flexible approach to building means we can extend and reconfigure spaces for use as holiday accommodation, playrooms, and even work. Yes, you could reduce your travel costs by opting for one of our fully equipped garden offices. This is what eco-living means to us, and we very much hope after looking around our site, it will come to mean the same to you as well.