What is an Eco Cube? – 10 / 08

At Ecospace, we make functional buildings and garden offices that do not only perform practically, but also environmentally too. This makes them a thoroughly modern way to optimize a garden space – and somewhere you’ll just love to spend your time in. One of the problems with cutting edge design and green issues, is that they come with plenty of jargon that can put off consumers. At Ecospace we understand this, and that is why we are committed not only to offering cutting edge sustainable housing, but also a service that is transparent and receptive to your personal ideas regarding design. You might struggle with the idea of an “eco cube,” for instance, but it really is pretty simple. By “cube,” we essentially mean the unique aesthetics of our buildings, and their modular construction which makes them perfect for outdoor rooms, as well as aesthetically unique and design aware. “Eco” might be a terms that your more familiar with, and its a nod to our commitment to environmental concerns. In fact an environmental awareness is the unseen scaffold around which all of our buildings are built, and by opting for Ecospace to undertake that construction project, you really are guaranteed of only the best environmental credentials, such as a commitment to using sustainable wood.