What is “sustainable” wood? – 03 / 06

At Ecospace studios we construct our garden roomsfrom mainly sustainable wood, which ensures that all our constructions have a highly positive environment impact – but what is it that makes sustainable wood so environmentally friendly? “Sustainable” is a buzzword nowadays, but unfortunately for many people its meaning is ambiguous. This is probably because it is not easily definable, and depending on who you ask it means slightly different things. However, essentially sustainable wood is wood that is taken from an ecosystem at such as rate as to meet our needs, whilst not compromising our potential future needs – so essentially it is conscientious harvesting. At Ecospace Studios we go a bit further than this broad definition, and state that the sustainable wood that we mainly use is from renewable and certified sources: but what do these terms actually mean? Well essentially, they are more specific terms than “sustainable” and mean the following: Renewable Renewable wood, as the term suggests, is wood that is not take from depleting forests, i.e. it any resource that is taken out of the ecosystem is replaced so that the resource base increases over time. This commitment to renewable resources means that with Ecospace not only do you get stunning bespoke garden rooms, but that it has minimal environmental impact. Certified Forests Certified forests are forests that have been certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and meet a variety of specific guidelines. Essentially, the FSC only certify forests that can meet the ecological, social and economic needs of future generations. This means, basically, that by choosing Ecospace you are buying into the highest ethical and environmental standards.