What Makes Architects Green? – 04 / 08

The word “green” is banded about a lot these days, and often it is treated more as a unique selling point rather than a serious commitment to helping the environment. At Ecospace sustainable housing, however, our commitment to green materials and methods of production is fundamental to how we operate – even if it takes a little extra effort to get there. There are many ways where we try and optimize our products to really deserve the titles of green and sustainable housing, and from our initial design and production to the finished product, we like to think that an environmental awareness defines everything that we do. On the one hand, we are committed to using sustainable wood wherever it is possible, and this is one of the most effective ways that anybody can ensure a positive environment impact, as trees are the lungs of the planet, and therefore exploiting them for their wood just isn’t acceptable in today’s greener context. If we drew the line at using sustainable materials, then it could seem that we were making a token gesture. However, this is the last thing that we want to do, and therefore an environmental awareness is inherent to all our sustainable house designs. By incorporating features such as low energy lighting and heating, your building keeps performing well for the environment – long after its construction.