What Makes ‘Green Architects?’ – 03 / 01

For many, a commitment to a ‘greener’ way of living is a lifestyle choice, where pretty much every aspect of modern living is optimised to help the environment. A commitment to a greener way of living doesn’t have to mean life-upheaval, however, and just one or two ‘green’ decisions, can really make a difference. For example, you may want to optimise the space in your garden with garden offices or garden buildings, but are worried that an installation will compromise both the aesthetic of your garden space, and potentially harm the environment. By choosing ‘green architects’ like Ecospace, both these issues are addressed. Not only can we install home extensions and bespoke garden rooms that are visually stunning, but our commitment to a greener way of doing things ensures that their environmental impact is minimal. One of the most important steps that we take to make our installations green is to use sustainable materials. The word ‘sustainable’ is ubiquitous nowadays, and can often be used as a USP rather than a serious commitment to the environmental cause. However, at Ecospace, by using materials from sustainable sources, we can ensure that our buildings add to, rather than detract from, the environment. Whilst our usage of sustainable materials means that all our installations have a ‘green’ birth, we want them to enjoy a green existence long after their construction, which is why we incorporate features such as energy saving lights and heating; ensuring that from start to finish our installations are as green as possible.