What to expect from Ecospace Studios – 27 / 05

Got an expanding family and feeling a bit cramped at home but not sure if you can afford the expense, upheaval and stress of an extension? Or maybe you are thinking of starting a business from home but know it will be impossible to set up a study in the house? Perhaps your family home has a garden that isn’t used enough and you would like to make the most of it? Passionate about the environment and want to make choices that will protect and not damage the earth? There are several reasons why you might find yourself turning to Ecospace’s garden studios for a solution to your living space. Ecospace studios can help deal with all the above dilemmas, creating personalised solutions for you and your family in far less time than it would take to build an extension or move house. Ecospace studios have the added benefit of being built on strong environmentally-sound principles. These include: – Using sustainable wood, cedar cladding and sedum for the roof – Reducing energy consumption with low-energy lighting and heating – High-performance and insulation – Installing a plant-covered roof – Using no wet trades therefore reducing the amount of chemicals – Providing you with a natural finish that requires no painting or decoration All of these benefits from Ecospace garden studios include your outside living space at a fraction of the cost that a house extension would be. It takes a lot less time to install Ecospace studios too – most of them can be built in a week or less, meaning that you don’t have builders tramping through your house for weeks on end. All things considered, what’s not to love about an Ecospace living solution?