What will you use your garden building for? – 09 / 09

Investing in a garden building can be a great way to add some valuable extra space to your home. But just what will you use it for? The possibilities are pretty much limitless, and whilst people have traditionally used garden buildings for the likes of summer houses or dens they’re certainly not the only options. Here are a few things you might like to use your garden building for to maximise its potential and get the most from your investment:
• Garden office. If you work from home you might be finding it difficult to separate work and home life, which is why a garden office can be ideal. That “commute” can help you get into the right mindset for work and you’ll be away from any distractions, although you’ll of course still be accessible should the household need. You’ll get a great view and can work in peace and quiet too.
• Gym. If you like keeping fit chances are you’ve thought about having your own home gym, particularly when you consider how expensive membership can be. You might not have a room that could be spared for this purpose, and that’s when a garden gym comes in – your exercise equipment will be in easy reach and when you consider how much you’ll be saving on gym fees the initial investment could easily average out over the years, and there’ll be no excuses to not exercise either…
• Pool house. If you’re lucky enough to have your own pool you’re going to want a pool house to accompany it, and a modular-style garden building can be perfect. It’ll be a great place to get changed in or even to lounge around in and enjoy a few drinks, or alternatively (or even in addition to) why not have your very own spa? A hot tub or even a sauna can be easily installed, letting you enjoy the ultimate in luxury and being a great step up from a simple gym or pool house.
• Guest suite. If you need more space to accommodate guests but don’t want to move home to get extra bedrooms, why not have a modular building instead? They can be designed around your needs and can be transformed into a guest suite, or they could even become an additional bedroom should your family be growing (or if you want peace and quiet away from the brood…).
• Holiday home. If you’ve got a lot of land you might want to make it work for you in a financial sense. Well, why not build a holiday home? A garden cabin can be the perfect solution – you can have a studio or even a full-on lodge complete with a separate bedroom, living room and kitchen area, with them becoming completely self-contained units that can be rented out as holiday lets.
As you can see, you’ve got plenty of ways to use your garden building to its full advantage. If you’ve got an idea of what you could use it for then see if we can make it a reality– we design all of our modular buildings according to individual specifications, so no matter what you want to gain from your new building just get in touch and see what we can do.